Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Bandung Travel

Bandung Travel may not sound exotic at all, but it has its own element of charm to satisfy the whole family quality time. Bandung has it all; even to meet three generations of family requirements into a single trip purpose. Furthermore there are plenty of choices for those looking for educative aspect into their family trips, one good example would be Leisure Activities version of post-exam trip.

Our quality time version on Bandung Travel may also depict; Ciwidey Volcano Trip and its All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) facility, Bosscha Leisure, The Little Farm and many more. Both Ciwidey and Bosscha represent historical portion of Bandung. White Crater, Ciwidey at the turn of 20th century was a Sulphuric Acid factory and thus the oldest one in Indonesia perhaps in Asia. Where as Bosscha is also the oldest within most Southern Hemisphere Observatory in similar period.

While ATV at Ciwidey speaks for itself, the Little Farm offers a glimpse of farm learning activities for children education purposes. The children could learn how to grow and harvest a few vegetable species. And by the end of farming activities their unleashed energy could be released into outdoor action type of activities such as Jumping Fox.

To some, Bandung’s attraction may also represent itself through its Heritage Buildings. There are certain areas which still preserve the era of 1960s for example. The recent film making of Barack Obama when he was attending a primary school in Menteng, Jakarta; it is in fact being conducted around Lapangan Supratman St. as well as Cimahi for outdoor and indoor shooting backgrounds.

It is due to such preserved Heritage that today we could think of Bandung as it was named the Paris Van Java. By the same token the name is also used for an open space mall. Paris Van Java Mall attracts Bandung’s visitors and the place is full packed of crowd on every week-end. Though the mall has “One Stop Shopping” including restaurant mostly fast food retails but the famous city’s Culinary Cooking are available elsewhere scattering the whole region.

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