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Borneo Travel for Diamond

Is it due to its Orangutan or rather for a Diamond quest that most of us make a trip? Borneo is indeed famous for the Orangutan population, but this time around it is the Borneo Travel for Diamond. The truth is this travel is beyond a typical family kind of trip. Contrary to our past post-exam trip, it is more like a business trip.

The value of diamond is mostly dependent on the skill and level of craftsmanship of cutting process. It is a fact that the best resources of raw diamond and skillful cutting craftsmanship are indeed in Southern Africa and Belgium respectively, where as the famous brand known for diamond product is none other than “De Beers”

Borneo Travel for Diamond002

When we did make the Borneo Travel for Diamond that is the Southern part of Kalimantan to the capital Banjarmasin, it is a great opportunity to drop by at our famous Martapura Diamond center. Martapura is located within an hour drive from Syamsudin Noor Airport. The Diamond industry has been part of the town since the Dutch era over a century ago, even some cutting machineries from the period are still being used as of today.

The record on top diamond carats has just recently being broken here at 200 carats costing into well over Rp. 20 billion worth. Or so it is claimed by the friendly vendor when we are personally tour guided through out his facility, the facility of which is inherited by a private Dutch-Indies firm. The facilities is now managed and run by a cooperatives partially owned or perhaps also funded by a local state Bank.

A rough cut diamond is undergone cutting process. Borneo Travel 004

When the cut is done the ready made diamond is then displayed. A potential buyer is carefully look at the way diamond could reflect or pass through a particular light source, for those who understand as such a clear natural occurrences as well as good cutting craftsmanship will command higher price.

Borneo Travel for Diamond006

A diamond gift from Martapura is indeed an excellent present to our beloved one not to mention a good investment as well, provided it is selected as careful to be the best pick.

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