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Bandung Culinary Dishes

For some peculiar reason our kids has gotten the bite of Bandung Culinary Dishes addiction. Whenever we have the opportunity to have a Bandung trip, the food is always their top priority agenda. Though for traffic conveniences we have only gone to those restaurants within the Northern part of the city.

Upon arrival through Cikampek Cipularang Toll road our full packed minivan goes straight to the Sam’s @ Dago St for wonton noodle gourmet accompanied by fresh Strawberry Juice and subsequently ends by a thick delicious cold Coffee they refer as Coffee Blast.

When everyone’s business has been catered for the day in the evening we simply order takeaway grilled chicken and fish accompanied by a subtle “sambal” from the nearby street vendors along the Cisangkuy and Cilaki St. There is a bewildering choice of Dishes from either street vendors or restaurants alike along these streets all the way through Cibeunying, Ciliwung up to the Riau St. And best of all it is free from the nuisance of traffic congestions.

Most of the vendors either operate during the evening or morning where most Hotel occupants often seem to have their breakfast rather than that being offered by the Hotel which only cater two free breakfasts per room. This is convenient for those travelling in a group of family.

Incidentally Leisure Activities has covered other attraction offered at Cisangkuy and Cilaki St. which is quite popular amongst younger kids especially during the school holiday; Horse Riding. Furthermore finding the location is also quite easy, just look for the famous Gedung Sate or Geology Museum Landmarks at Diponegoro St. then you are spot on!

Across Cisangkuy heading to a Gas Station along the Cibeunying Selatan St. there is another favourite restaurant by the name “Roemah Nenek”. They serves excellent local, Chinese and European Dishes, we might have visited this place dozens time and the taste never miss a beat always delicious and tasteful consistently more importantly it is affordable. This recommended Bandung Culinary Dishes has also live music entertainment during evening.

Similarly located at Riau St. but with more upbeat and upper scale restaurant “Roemah Keboen” albeit at higher rate with chic modern interior. Interestingly the interior décor comes with Harley Stand, or rather a Special Built Custom Chopper. Though unfortunately we were kept waiting for our orders for almost two hours during the last New Year’s holiday, but we are hoping it happened to us only then as they seems to be running by highly professional Chef Cook and staff.

Occasionally for special event when our whole twelve family members are completely present we do go a bit further close to downtown at Lengkong St. to the “Atmosphere”. Or alternately to the upper Dago area which is famous for its Look Out Point : The Valley overlooking the Northern part of Bandung.

See our Bandung Trip Map Guide for further info on the above restaurants whereabouts!

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