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Bandung New Year’s Eve

Would you share your unique Bandung New Year’s Eve with others? You betch ya do! After all those bumper to bumper traffic jam at the punishing Cikampek Cipularang toll road to arrive at Bandung, the story must have been worthwhile to tell.

Bandung New Year’s Eve 1

As Bandung has many Look Out Points being surrounded by a ring of mountains, it is easy to get the magnificent view of firecracker fierce battle from a high vantage point. Leisure Activities was a bit reluctant to drive across the town during the New Year evening considering such high concentration of traffic jam along some or perhaps most of popular main streets, but we had a birthday party invitation as well.Bandung New Year’s Eve 2

An invitation from our own in-laws, there was no way we could have refused. The venue was held at "The Valley". Sure enough it took us almost two hours from Saskava Guest House, just 5 minutes drive from Gedung sate at normal time. Getting to the Gedung Sate alone took almost an hour, the street was full packed with any vehicles mostly motorbikes. Though eventually we could have a good vantage point overlooking the Northern part of the city, and exactly at the midnight the exhilarating rewards came forward.

Bandung New Year’s Eve 3

People visiting the place were scrambling to the front edges of The Valley's terrace just prior to the big time, eager to watch 2010 fire cracker war above the sky. It was simply amazing and wonderful scenery to watch with the loved one and together with our family. All those stresses due to chronic traffic jam were fully paid off period.

Bandung New Year’s Eve 4

And exactly at midnight the birthday lady our in-laws was having a great moment as well, every family members was busy wishing for her. The atmosphere was accentuated by two of teenagers both wearing the theme masks.

  These two teens would probably soon spend the next New Year's Eve on their own with their mates not with us the parent, so this was the moment worthwhile to share. Some last action from adjacent building ended the festival, and soon back into another traffic jam returning to the Guest House. This time it was full two hours standstill!

Bandung New Year’s Eve 5

Bandung New Year’s Eve 6

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