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Bandung Holyday Inn

Thrashing in at Bandung Holyday Inn for the coming New Year’s Eve Vacation will definitely enhance your trip, particularly for the thrilling shopping experiences at the surrounding Dago St...Like many retailers around the Globe shoppers will be lured with the deepest and attractive discount end of the year sales.


If you insist on knowing what sort of shopping paradise the Dago has, perhaps the link could enlighten your shopping’s quest. And this outlet lists is suggested by a dedicated shopper from the neighbouring country.

This 150 rooms modern Hotel is located amidst those attractive Factory Outlets, though it is not the only Hotel along Dago St, it offers great convenient access to some interesting places. But most definitely the Hotel’s strategic location has met my best guidance toward the Tips to Avoid Stand Still Traffic Jams along the busy and crowded Dago’s shopping paradise.

The street is one of the busiest with traffic jams along the whole of its length during every weekend night and in particular on long public holiday. As such that taking a stroll along instead of driving is the best way to explore considering its interesting night life vividly “bling-bling” activities.


The Dago area in my recollection is one of the best district shall we say offering classy complete attraction places with Jalan Riau Bandung as the second best. Furthermore getting closer to the down town at lower part is as busy as interesting as well as driving up North, though the Northern part as nicknamed the upper Dago provides a number of Look Out Points.


Along this upper section as the name indicates higher elevation is predominantly consisted of mid to higher class restaurants, with the remaining locations are popular amongst the younger generation for a bit of "Hanky panky". Whichever places interest you at the end of the day as your muscles are aching the Hotel also offers one of the best there is of Bandung Spa Treatment.

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