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Jalan Riau Bandung

Riau Street or Jalan Riau Bandung is one of many popular shopping Streets out of yet a number of tourist attraction locations within North Bandung. This Northern part section had been developed by the Dutch Indies prior to 1930s period and was designed and allocated for its government offices as well as their respective housing areas.

The development was the natural evolvement from the year 1812 where large Java Cities connecting main road was established and roughly around a century later that railway was constructed, the train station and the great post road as it was called were both located right at the center of Bandung.

By extending the city to its Northern direction all government buildings could get the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain view as such that most building is indeed facing the then fantastic mountain scenery, if the building has had not received alteration at all. And by sheer coincident should you Travel to Bandung Inroad via Cipularang Toll road and exits through Pasteur gate you would end up from the fly over bridge at the Northern side of the former Dutch Indies main government building the Gedung Sate.

Dago Street

The Riau Street extends from Dago Street another shopping area to the great post road now A Yani Boulevard, for more info on both street whereabouts within North Bandung area including some Outlet and Hotel Lists; see Bandung Trip Map Guide.

Being one of local tourist attraction is always busy particularly during the long public holiday; getting caught in a traffic jam during this period on either Dago or Riau Street is like being stranded in the middle of a huge parade of carnival, you might as well be taking a leisure stroll while carefully selecting out which Factory Outlet that fancy to drop by.

Therefore for those who fancy dropping by to each Outlet, getting accommodation within the area would be a sensible and convenient choice as there are dozens of Hotels available. Many people are travelling in a group whose members are having different shopping interest; the group could disperse and regroup later back in the nearby Hotel. Group coordination hurdle and hassles is cut to the minimum!


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