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Hotel at Bandung

Bandung has again been chosen to host an International convention; the Asian Parliamentary Assembly started last Monday which will last until December 10th to cover three important agenda on market integration, poverty, and corruption. Consequently for safety measures the local police have prepared 2,500 personnel to secure the fourth plenary session of the Forum to anticipate huge protests on the International Anti-corruption Day that coincides with convention today.

Some traffic piling were hampering Bandoeng’s inner part as the Police completely sealed off a number of surrounding streets including the heritage street; Asia Africa, in order to secure opening ceremonial by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

No doubt that most Hotel at Bandung is sold out. Despite of the resort city convention function ever since the 1955 Asian African Non Alignment conference and even since the Dutch Indies City Planning inception in 1920s, the city has been as vibrant and eager to entertain for almost a century, it is always busy and tightly packed on every event occasion.

Though the infrastructure is a tad inadequate during the peak season opting for Travel to Bandung Inroad via Cipularang toll road from the capital Jakarta would seem to be a viable yet convenient choice. There is a glimpse of unique local lifestyle on parade along the toll road being shown more than other transport option such as by either train or airplane. Yet your Bandung trip would be complete if returning to Jakarta through the scenery Puncak Pass, provided that you are willing to spend twice the journey time length.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy your Bandung Trip, while Yudhoyono’s opening speech lingers on;

"The different Asia is a region with full of partnership network and tolerance, peaceful and prosper region and a territory that becomes the world's growth hub,"

"Currently, we are in a time that is full of momentum and opportunities. The world in 21st century will be very different with 20th one,"

"In the transforming world, Asia will be 'more relevant' with its role increases further,"

"We are part of the solution of various problems that are complex and related each other locally, nationally, regionally and globally,"

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