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Santika Bandung

Following the previous article on Jalan Riau Bandung the Hotel Santika Bandung is an excellent choice for modern 3 stars accommodation within the famous shopping district. It is located next to a high class Yogya Department Store and just few hundreds meter to the Dago, Merdeka and Riau Streets cross section.

As mentioned in the previous article as well on the issue of handling the Group travelling hurdle; staying at this Hotel did solve our travelling hindrances. A few years back we travelled to Bandung in not less than 5 families group on 4 separate vehicles, there were 2 families with toddlers. The Hotel’s swimming pool facility helped to fulfil our toddler needs, though it was not heated and being tiny, it was sufficient to distract them from gaming gadgetry.

The rest of the group was essentially divided into two main distinct sub groups with different shopping targets, one to find bargain toddler clothing where as the other one for adult clothing and accessories. Then it was further divided into fancy, branded or just plain ordinary merchandise. Accordingly the group simply dispersed and subsequently disappeared into the nearby corresponding Factory Outlets.

Furthermore we could just walk to those outlets on Riau, Dago or Merdeka Street in a convenient manner. And when the kids got enough of swimming in cold, we then brought them to the Cisangkuy Street in less than 5 minutes drive away for Horse Riding; it was actually very close to the former Dutch Indies government office the Gedung Sate.

Incidentally when you Travel to Bandung Inroad via Cipularang Toll road and exits through Pasteur gate you would end up from the fly over bridge at the Northern side of the Gedung Sate. Though be aware that driving during the peak season would take in multiple of 5 minutes duration, perhaps up to four times more!

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