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Bandung Budget Hotel

Arriving on Bandung, Accommodation is obviously an important agenda. As Leisure Activities previously depicted attractions at Jalan Riau Bandung and the convenience of staying over at Hotel Santika Bandung, there is no doubt that some travellers opt for lower cost alternative and most probably would not mind to stay away from the crowded shopping Street.

The local municipality has forecasted new additional rooms in the vicinity of 12,000 units by the year 2010 consisting from low budget to boutique style as well as high upper class accommodations, but mostly 3 stars and lower. There are no less than 6 Budget Hotels along the Supratman Street which connects the Diponegoro where Gedung Sate is located to the formerly great post road currently A Yani Boulevard.

The area represents well within 5 minutes drive to the famous Dago as well as Riau Streets where the access to both from Supratman Street offer less congested traffic, furthermore the neighbouring area has plenty of decent restaurants for example Roemah Nenek at Cibeunying Selatan Street and the sea food speciality Parit 9 at Anggrek Street are located right in the middle of between Supratman and Riau Streets.

The Bandung Budget Hotel has typically offers sufficient space with decent amenities (AC, 14” TV and hot shower) in the Rp. 300,000 to 500,000 pricing range, some are offering large family room including breakfast for a pair minimum. Travellers could expect bargain rate during the week days.

For more info on these Hotels whereabouts within the above area; see Bandung Trip Map Guide.

Bandung Budget Hotel

The Supratman runs along in parallel to the Riau Street with one particular access through Lapangan Supratman.


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