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Parit 9 Restaurant

Yesterday Leisure Activities did mention the Parit 9 Restaurant a sea food speciality cuisine house, located at Anggrek just off the Riau running to Supratman Street. The sea food house has been in the culinary industry since 30 odd years ago, in early years it started in business at Cendana Street just off the Lapangan Supratman. Cendana runs in parallel and next to Anggrek, both streets offer driver alternative route to Riau but with less traffic hassles!

Parit 9 Restaurant 01

Are we there yet? Supposedly Arriving on Bandung, Accommodation is the last order of priority but instead the unique cuisine is really what you are after, then Bandung is the right place to be! Amidst active volcanoes Bandung is blessed with fresh vegetables supplies from the nearby surrounding farms and having them on the table being fresh and still sweet is indeed unforgettable experiences.

The freshly picked vegetable together with equally fresh sea food dishes is the main character behind this restaurant’s reputations. The customer could hand pick her own choice of raw materials while the attendant and the chef would do the rest until the dish is being served on the table.

Parit 9 Restaurant 02

But if your not up to the Chinese style dish that this restaurant offers, there are more than two other alternatives available just conveniently located at the same Street. On one end toward Supratman there is a street side vendor stall offering meat ball soup, where as on the other end off the Jalan Riau Bandung there are two differing cuisines being offered. On the left hand side a European style sausage prepared by “Leisure Butcher Van Java” and across the street our own cuisine invention but may be patented elsewhere the heritage Satay.

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