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Bandung Guest House Hotel

Arriving on Bandung, Accommodation at super budget level. New niche within Bandung Budget Hotel segment is constantly appearing. They are not in business to compete head on with other established Budget Hotel, but rather to complement by offering individual home sweet home cosy quality; the kind of warmth they have claimed could not exist at other Hotel’s “Effective Production Machineries”.
The latest player is presumably “Guest House SEVENTEEN's” located near the down town at Sumatra St. The de' Tropis Guest House is another well established player located within the city center. Then another two players located in the vicinity of city outskirt; Cassadua Guest House and Retanata Home-Stay Guest House.
Bandung Guest House Hotel typically emphasize on home quality accommodation and being smaller with up to a dozen rooms to let is comparably less busy and thus is more quiet than the ordinary Hotel in general. The Guest House is also positioned at the lower end to its Budget’s rates, but there are few players now gradually getting into upper end level of the scale due its recent popularity to even amongst expatriate guests.
As most of these Guest Houses are being managed by its own owner, their personal touch is often the key of the services which distinguish from other type of accommodation. Hence this distinctive difference excludes the fierce fully head on competition and eventually invites new entry, each with new individual differentiating taste.
For example by capitalizing many Dutch Indies Heritage Buildings from the 1930s era as well as offering convenient location to those bountiful Factory Outlets in the whole Bandung City. Such buildings are normally situated within certain areas particularly to be found in still high concentration numbers at one location that used to be known as “European District” in that period.
Ironically it was exactly the location where the European was detained in the Second World War by Japanese emporium troops at what was known as “Tjihapit Internment Camp”. SASKAVA GUEST HOUSE located at number 4 Lapangan Supratman St. is one of such Guest House with a distinctive aura of a Grand Ma’s house, offering merely 7 rooms with one large family pavilion room, each is named after every family hierarchy; Grand Ma’s room, Uncle’s room and so forth indicating its individual original usage in the past.

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