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Bandung Spa

It is virtually impossible to avoid some trip hurdles during this December peak season. Unless you have made an advanced booking on any of Hotel at Bandung already, the chance of getting your favourite room is pretty much slim!

Likewise it would be similarly “Mission Impossible” to drive from Jakarta without suffering any traffic hold up despite the best of any kind of Tips to Avoid Stand Still Traffic Jams along Cipularang-Purbaleunyi Toll road. Just get along at the available pace and have enough rest, otherwise you might as well book early for a luxurious Bandung Spa treatment prior to any intensive shopping activities.


Typically you could choose the oil and also the scrub that you wish to use, the treatment begins by dipping your feet into a huge "bowls" filled with warm water and salt. As the attendant completely washes your feet we then are escorted to another room that may consist of 2 adjacent beds or more for a thorough massage.

Each spa house has its own unique theme as well as cosy enough with soothing atmosphere to make us feel as though we were somewhere else on the ninth cloud. The body massage covers both from the back and the front - when we are lying down on our backs, they will put some cover on our eyes to get even more relaxing enhancement.

The cloud ninth experience should by now bring a forceful drowsiness and this sleepy feeling will be further heightened by entire bodies scrubbing as well as a very relaxing face massage. The treatment is finalized by new awareness of smoother skin and relaxed muscles where as enhanced inner feeling will be assisted by normally hot shower accompanied by a small cup of hot ginger or mint lavender tea afterward.

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