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New Year’s Eve Vacation

By the time you read this article we should be well on the way into our New Year’s Eve Vacation to Bandung our favourite resort city. We are hoping we could beat that peak season trip’s hassle and along the way we also follow a strict guidance on the Tips to Avoid Stand Still Traffic Jams; need we say more?

It is pretty obvious that every now and then the local radio blasts traffic jam announcements along the country sides. The Jakartans are flocking their ways to the neighbouring resort places. Perhaps swarming them would be the correct word to describe! Bandung is estimated to be swarmed in by no less than 30,000 vehicles on the December 31st.


It would be the busy time as well for the merry Hoteliers as the place could be fully booked. Though scrambling around seeking out rooms are not wise enough today, but if you are patient searching into brand new Bandung Accommodations you are still have plenty of lucks.

Almost every district or section of the city has new Hotel sprung up offering bargain rate year after year, in particular on lower side of scale. This is the suitable niche that most travellers need. A Bandung trip mostly involve hours of shopping or just window shopping, but which ever the case the Hotel room merely serves for refreshing rests.

Furthermore everyone will certainly spend the New Year evening elsewhere and definitely not inside a room for the obvious reasons! Thrashing in is perhaps the right word for the room’s main usage purposes. You might click and head for this article keys to get a glimpse of what’s available at either Paris Van Java or one of popular Hotel’s venue, yet as we are traveling in a three generation span of family we might prefer quieter restaurant with oldies live music as we did last year at “Roemah Nenek”. It was excellent ambient food place with less crowded surrounding.

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